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Physiotherapy Supplies

Cupping Device

Release date:2017-12-29

Principleof cupping:

Cuppingtherapy is one kind of treatment method developed by our ancient workers in theprocess of struggle against disease .it’s an important component of thenon-drug therapies of traditional Chinese medicine.

It’sthrough cupping therapy open meridian of body. The cupping cup can form into anegative pressure on local skin through the vacuum inside the cup to stimulatethe acupoint on body surface and then transmit to the whole body to achieve thetreatment functions.


Featuresof cupping:

1. Useenvironmentally –friendly plastic made of transparent texture;

2. At least6sizes to meet different part of body;

3. Vacuumsuction function ,with good suction pump;

4. Smoothedge, sealing, easy to adjust pressure strength;

5. Sophisticatedtechnology ,solid and durable;

6. Easy touse ,Simple disassembly;

7. Purephysical therapy, sate and quickly .No side effect;


Functionof Cupping Therapy:

1. TraditionalChinese Medicine veins and arteries therapy ,cure various diseases;

2. Dredgethe live blood, improve the muscle immunity;

3. Promotingblood circulation and relieve body fatigue and pains;

4. Expelvirus and defervesce function;

5. Eliminatewind-evil ;cure diseases and strengthen human body;

6. Especiallyfor heatstroke have good effect.