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Polymer Materials

Disposable Angled HMEF

Product Features:

1: Can be connected to all kinds of ISO-designed tube.

2: Low Breathing resistance.

3: Block particles, bacteria and other pathogens in anesthesia and breathing circuit from entering the respiratory system.

4: No need to heat and moisten.

5: Extend the life circle.

6: Luer Port and Cap.

7: VFE99.999% BFE99.999%

8. OEM available


Description Heat Moisture Exchanger Filter (HMEF)
Humidity Output 31mg/H2O @ VT 500ml
Filtration Efficiency

BFE 99.999%

VFE 99.999%

Resustance @ 60 LPM 180pa
Dead space 45ml
Tidal Volume Range 150-1500ml
Connections 22M/15F-22F/15M
Gas Monitoring Luer Portwith retainer strap Yes
Weight 30g


10: Packing:


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