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Eye Dropper Bottles


Whenpeople use an eye drops, they tend to make certain issues themselves, Sincemost of eye drops is made in small size, it causes secondary infections and allergiesfrom users’ hand or excessive drops.


Material& Structure

Theinherently elastic and soft characteristics of silicone material makes it safeto use. Vaulted shape of the center enables it to be combined with differentsized containers, and it was designed considering the human eye scale.


HowTo Use

Ordinarily,you can put it on the eye drop container and carry it together. When in need,you flip it over and combine the i-drops with the container. It is firmlyconnected so it is stable. After combining, press to unfold and apply.



Thedesign of “i-drop” is based on usability, stability and mobility. Being able toincorporate with the existing package, you will save extra money from themanufacturing process.

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