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Surgical Instruments

Surgical LED Headlights

l  Our TopLED surgical light has optimized white LEDs that cover the entire visible colour spectrum required for demanding surgeries.

l  The unique hollow design of the surgical light enables clean air to reach the surgical field directly, achieving the purification effect of laminar flow.

l  The surgical light has almost no infrared and ultraviolet spectra, and it remains cool in surgical field after long time operation.

l  Streamlined surfaces reduce turbulence and resistance of the light.

l  The adjustable focus handle controls projection angle of LED light, and adjusts facula size and optical focal depth easily.

l  The universal 6-joint spring suspension system ensures accurate positioning without drifting.

l  Our TopLED surgical light has a long average lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

l  Different choices of high sensitive and interference resistant digital camera systems are available.

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