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Medical Sterilization EQP

H2O2 Low Temprature Plasma Sterilizer

•   The technology can reach complete sterilization in 17 minutes 

•    No booster needed

•    No need for draining or exhasuting
•    No hazardous residue for environment and human being
•    A new sterilization technology would dominate at least ten years in sterilization field
•    The chamber is vented and the products are removed with no residuals
•    Product can be used directly
•    Process temperatures can be set to between 35-55°C
•    Process parameters such as temperature, pressure, power, voltage are measured
•    Biological Indicator is Stearothermophilus Bacillus 
(ATCC7953 or SSIK31 strain)
•    Processing cycles are validated utilizing the system software features according to DIN EN ISO 14937 
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