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Medical Sterilization EQP

Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

•   Advanced automatic seal door structure replaced the traditional manual door and flange, flexible transmission, easy for maintenance. Used advanced electric liftingand compressing gas sealing technology, reduces the labor work of the operator and seals the door at the same time.
•  The electrical control system is concise, pipe system components are imported with high stability.
•  New HMI control method and MCGS color touch screen are used in this machine, dynamic display of the work flow and work process as time, temperature, pressureand other parameters, easy operation, convenient, user can also do manual operations.
•  New type control device --- Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Siemens S7-200 is applied in slave computer to control the whole sterilization process. PLC control brings more stability and multiple functions to the sterilizer.
•  The sterilizer adopts mechanical vacuuming methods, thoroughly eliminate cold by many times of vacuum and injected steam, make sure the steam saturation up to 99% and guarantee the reliable sterilization effect.
•  The sterilizer can be equipped with single or double door. Double door sterilizer effectively isolates clean area and sterile storage area, meeting the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical factories.
•  Compact electronic control system and imported pneumatic parts in piping system to provide top class control stability.
•  Vessel design pressure is double times of working pressure, safety valve, and
pressure switch can ensure the safety of pressure vessels.
•  Steam generator is safe and reliable, professional safety protection as over-voltageautomatic protection, water level monitoring and protection, low water level automatic stop heating protection, anti dry heating protection.
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