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Medical Laboratory EQP

Desktop Digital Series Cleaning Machine

1.Time setting: 0 to 30 minutes of digital display is adjustable
2.The temperature setting: 0-80 ℃ digital display is adjustable
3.Product material: bladder,the shell adopts high quality stainless steel
4.Product advantages: cleaning trough USES the stamping,no weld
5.Components qualities: ultrasonic components adopt imported high quality accessories
6.Drainage system: 6 l and above models are installed drainage ball valve
7.Cooling system: l 10 or more are installed the high efficiency cooling fan
Ultrasonic power:120W
Ultrasonic frequency:40KHZ
Timer Range:0-30min
Heating temperature:indoor temperature~80℃
Heating power:100W
Rinse tank size:240x135x100mm
Overall dimensions:270x170x210mm

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