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Ophthalmological Instrument

Slit Lamp

The product can easily capture sharp digital photos of the cornea, sclera, anterior chamber, iris, lens, retina and so on.


Professional image capture device

Single Lens Reflex which is used as the professional image collecting device, is the best choice for the ophthalmic shooting for its sensitive capture to light and color and its complete adjusting functions.

The product can capture clearer images benefit from the real time 3 inch LCD.

Eye details at a glance

The product can clearly observe not only the ocular surface and anterior segment, but also posterior lens capsule, and can even capture fundus lesions through slit lamp previa.

The product can be directly connected to printer(optional ).

Exquisite technology

The optical system is designed dedicated to anterior segment photography to obtain broad field of view and clear image. The details of the lesions can be observed through 14mm of aperture diameter, 5-step magnification change and the maximum 40× magnification.

Clear image

18 megapixels could clearly provide all the details and meet the harsh requirement to the image.



 Microscope type

 Gauleo magnification changer with converging

 Magnification Change

 Five-steps by drum rotation



 Magnification ratioField of view

 6×(Φ33mm), 10×(Φ22.5mm), 16× (Φ14mm),  25×(Φ8.8mm),  40×(Φ5.5mm)

 Range of pupil distance

 45 mm  75 mm

 Adjustment of diopter

 -5D  +3D

Slit Illumination

 Slit width

 continuous from 0~14mm (slit becomes a circle at 14mm)

 Slit height

 continuous from 1~14mm

 Aperture diameter


 Slit angle

 0°180° adjustable

 Slit inclination



 Heat absorption, grey, red-free, cobalt blue

 Illumination bulb

 12V/30W Halogen Bulb

 Maximum illumination

 ≥280000 Lx

 Preceding mirror



 Single Lens Reflex Camera

 Illuminations type of filming

 Background Light

Power& Accessory
Input Voltage
AC 220V /110V ±10%
Electrical Safety Standard
IEC 60601-1, Class I, Type B

Optional Accessories

Applanation tonometer, measuring eyepiece, trihedron lensgonioscopefunduscope, aspheric lens


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