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Ophthalmological Instrument


HMDOI00009 operation microscope is a double binocular microscope. The main microscope has zoom magnification system、foot control switch, it can bring the clear image, the instrument is available and flexible for ophthalmology operation.


Apochromatic optical balance technology is used in the optical design to provide good binocular fusion, strong stereoscopic sense and good color restoration.

Space Balancing System in used in the instrument to make the microscope lens and arm to push and pull in any direction with ease.

Module design is used in electrical design to provide the instrument with fault self-diagnosis function and simple maintenance.

Good extensibility to add teaching microscope, image device and image system.


Eyepiece Magnification

12.5×, 18×

Focal Length of Objective Lens


Working Distance

170 mm

Magnification for Main Microscope

Continuous variable from 4.6× ~ 27×, motorized and manual control 

Magnification for Assistant Microscope

6×, 10×, 16×

Diameter of Field

46 mm ~8.5 mm

Diopter Adjustment


Pupilary Distance

50 mm ~ 75 mm (main microscope is 45 mm ~ 80 mm)

Maximum Resolution

119 LP/mm

Focusing Range for Assistant Microscope

≥30 mm

Light Source

12V/100W halogen lamp for medical use

Illumination Type

 6°+0° coaxial illumination of cold light source, 26°oblique illumination

Coaxial Illuminance

≥80,000 Lx(halogen), 1-9 level, panel operated

Oblique Illuminance

≥60,000 Lx(halogen), 1-9 level, panel operated

Reaching Radius of Arm

1230 mm

Adjustable Vertical Range

880 mm ~ 1420 mm

Fine Focusing Speed and Range

≤2 mm/s,≥50 mm

Speed for X/Y and Range

≤2 mm/s,50 mm×50 mm

Input Voltage

AC 220V/110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Power Consumption

170 VA


AC 250V   T4.0A, AC 125V  T8.0A

Electrical Safety Standard

IEC 60601-1, Class I

Packing Volume 

0.856 m3,5 cartons  

Total Weight 

215 kg    

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