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Devices for Sample Processing

Electronic Pipette

Electronic Pipette


1. High accuracy, high performancestepper motor ensures

accuracy and repeatability, eliminatingmanual pipetting errors

2. A motor driven digital control pipettewith multifunction

Pipetting, Mixing, Stepper and Dilution

3. 2 buttons handle all operationalsettings

4. Light weight, ergonomic design, smallbody dimension for

easy handling that guarantees fatigue freepipetting

5. High accuracy, high performance steppermotor ensures

accuracy and repeatability, eliminatingmanual pipetting errors

6. A wide range of pipetting modes forselection

7. Adjustable speeds for aspiration anddispensing

8. Li-ion battery and dual charging modesenable longer

operation time

9. Self-calibration – dPette can beconnected to a PC via. USB

for calibration by the user. Third partycalibration is not


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