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Ambulatory Care

Shower Chairs


1.  A showerchair for seniors and handicapped people

2.  Aluminumalloy, seat and backrest uses new environmentally friendly PE material

3.  Anodizedsurface, anti-rust

4.  Thedesign of seat plate is according to ergonomic perfect arc,withdrainage holes and clear non-slip texture. It's more docile, more comfortable

5.  Panelhas two slots. You can hang the shower nozzle. There is the square hole next toit, which is easy to move. With U-shaped hollow, it's easy to clean

6.  Non-slipsucker large pad with lined steel, bigger, more thickened and strong, which isnon-slip and solid

7.  Weighingis only 2.8kg, so it's lightweight, waterproof and strong

Certificate:CE, FDA, ISO13485

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