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Rehabilitation Nursing & Hygienic MAT

Home First Aid Kits


1. Forcontrolling bleeding, cleaning and covering small wounds, removing ticks andother embedded objects

2. This isthe perfect kit to keep in vehicles, business companies, factories, sportingclubs, tourist villages, workshop, building yards, labs, shops, restaurants,shopping centers, and etc

3. Contents:Total 105pcs

01First Aid Dressing 1 pc

02Rescue Blanket 1 pc

03Elastic Bandage 1 roll

04Conforming Bandage 2 rolls

05Tweezers 1 pair

06Adhesive Plasters 50 pcs

07CPR Face Shield 1 pc

08Triangular Bandage 1 pc

09Strap Tourniquets 1 pc

10Non-Woven Sponge 10 pcs

11Instant Cold Pack 1 pc

12Non- A adherent Pad 3 pcs

13Gauze Swab 5 pcs

14Scissors 1 Pair

15Safety Glove 4 pairs

16Tape 2pcs

17Cleansing Wipe 5 pcs

18Soap Wipe 5 pcs

19Safety Pins 10 pcs

20Team Box. PP 1pc


Certificate:CE, FDA, ISO13485

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